9th May, 2013

Atomic Gringo is now LIVE!

posted 1 year ago

AG logo

(released 7th May, 2013)


AG screenshot

Game number four with Adult Swim sees you take control of a badass robot in a sombrero and punch seven shades out of a motley array of bad guys to the beat! What’s not to like?

AG screenshot

AG screenshot


20th March, 2013

» Galactic Gaming News and MegaDev


In this special interview session, Jimmy and Eric sit down with Mike, Nick and Jon from MegaDev, the developers behind Super House of Dead Ninjas. We discuss Super House of Dead Ninjas, indie games, state of the industry and more!

You can check out MegaDev on their FacebookTwitter and Official Website.

You can purchase Super House of Dead Ninjas on Steam.

As always, email GGN any questions at galacticgamingnews@gmail.com Follow GGN on Tumblr and Facebook.

18th February, 2013

Super House of Dead Ninjas on Steam (with 30% off)

posted 1 year ago

Yes indeed, we have been working away in secret with the chaps at Adult Swim on a version of SHODN for Steam, which is available for a mere $4.89/£3.49 right flippin’ now.

We’ve put a bunch more stuff in there, such as a new area, bosses, weapons, custom rooms, a fullscreen option, and a fully functional map editor, the results of which you can share over Steam.

Link to Steam

So, nip on over, have a gander, and perhaps even consider dropping some coin on it. Nice one!


The Megadev Team

27th October, 2012

Megadev on the Facebooks

posted 1 year ago


It’s been rather too long, but we’ve been getting rather more active on our Facebook pages now, posting all sorts of concept art, musical bits and so forth for our games. So, after the obligatory link dump to the FB pages, I’ll list a few of them here too:

The main Megadev page:


Links for most of our games:







And here are a few bits we’ve posted so far…

So, go on, sign up to a few! What’s the worst that could happen? (NB: Megadev accept no responsibility for brain overload after signing up for any of these pages)


The Megadev Team

14th August, 2012

Super House of Dead Ninjas is now LIVE!

posted 2 years ago

SHODN logo

(released 15nd August, 2012)


SHODN screenshot

Our third title for Adult Swim is finally live! A sequel to House of Dead Ninjas, we’ve ramped things up in nearly every area. The blurb is below. Now, get to it!


Return to the Ziggurat of Infinum! Play as the mysterious heroine, Crimson Ninja, and traverse the treacherous tower where few enter and none survive. She’s got all the slashing, slicing and bombing of the original House of Dead Ninjas plus a whole new arsenal of tricks up her ninja robe. Expect more deadly weapons, vicious enemies and fast-paced action! What drives the Crimson Ninja to risk her life in the tower? What is she looking for? Play this epic sequel to House of Dead Ninjas to find out!

22nd May, 2012

» Knightfall from the JayIsGames vault!

Those nice folks at JiG have mentioned the original Knightfall in an article about Flash games past.

While you’re at it, why not try Knightfall 2 as well? To our minds, it certainly corrected a few things from the first game…

Play Knightfall 2


8th May, 2012


If you haven’t already given it a go…do it now!


The Megadev Team

13th October, 2011

Unlockables in One Man and his Dinosaur…

posted 3 years ago

Right, it’s been a little while since One Man And His  Dinosaur went live, so let’s see…who’s found all  the unlockables? The emergency helicopter sheep drop?  The ingame laugh track? The whole new level which is  Tiger Electronics world? Anyone? If not, here’s  how…

  • Emergency Sheep Drop: complete the game in one go  from England to the Dugong’s Intestine.
  • Sitcom-o-saur: score 500,000 points or more.
  • Tiger Electronics World: collect all four quarters  of the Tiger handheld ingame.
  • Posh Mode: score 50 kills or more in a single game.

Sitcom-o-saur and Posh Mode need to be turned on via  the Options menu. 

So there we are. Go find ‘em!


The Megadev Team.

2nd October, 2011

One Man And His Dinosaur On Adult Swim Arcade!

posted 3 years ago

One Man And His Dinosaur is now on Adult Swim’s Facebook App, and it needs a whole bunch of sharing to help it out! So go, and play, play, play until your arm falls off. Then, glue it back on, and play again.


The Megadev team

26th September, 2011

One Man And His Dinosaur - now live on Adult Swim!

posted 3 years ago

Well, at last! It’s new game time.


Once again, with the fine folk at Adult Swim, we’ve come up with something bloody, silly (also just bloody silly), and accessible.

An intuitive, mouse-controlled score attack title, where you use the intimidating dino to herd the sheep whilst battling against the constantly scrolling screen, One Man and his Dinosaur sees you chasing off predators, steering the sheep safely away from landmines, deep, dark holes, and wayward farming machinery. Fail, and it’s a gory end for your hapless flock.

You’ll visit England, Africa, a theme part for vegetables, a robotic apocalypse, and the business end of a large sea-based mammal. So,help the sheep. By killing absolutely everything else. It’s only logical.

Also, House of Dead Ninjas is now on Adult Swim’s Facebook App, and doing pretty well! All the same, it still needs your help! Poor ninja. Go to it.


The Megadev team


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